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A Chorus Line (1985)


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Title: A Chorus Line (1985)

Genre: Music, Drama

Director: Richard Attenborough

Cast: Michael Douglas, Alyson Reed, Terrence Mann, Gregg Burge, Vicki Frederick, Michelle Johnston, Audrey Landers, Janet Jones, Pam Klinger, Cameron English, Yamil Borges, Nicole Fosse, Tony Fields, Justin Ross, Jan Gan Boyd, Sharon Brown, Khandi Alexander, Matt West, Charles McGowan, Peter Fitzgerald, Michael Blevins, Blane Savage, Pat McNamara, Sammy Smith, Timothy Scott, Bambi Jordan, Mansoor Najee-ullah, John Hammil, Jack Lehnert, Gloria Lynch, Gregg Huffman, Eric Aaron, Jeff Adkins, David Askler, AnneMarie, Michele Assaf, Bryant Baldwin, Buddy Balou, Carol Baxter, Tina Bellis, Ida Broughton, Robin Brown, Anna Bruno, Brian Bullard, Cheryl Burr, Bill Bushnell, Sergio Cal, Cole Carpenter, Joe Anthony Cavise, Linda Cholodenko, Cheryl Clark, Christine Colby, Alex Cole, Anne Connors, Leslie Cook, Jeffrey Cornell, Alicia Cox, Frank Cruz, Roxann Dawson, Richard DeFabees, John DeLuca, Eldo Ray Estes, Sandra Gray, Niki Haris, Reed Jones, Jennifer Kent, Barbara Lavorato, Felix Montano, Alan Onickel, Scott Plank, Karen Prunczik, Rhett Pyle, Melissa Randel, Elissa Rosati, Leslie Stevens, Mary Ellen Stuart, Scott Wise, Kim Smith Yandow, Barbara Yeager, Yvonne Farrow, Monique Mannen, Keith Nisonoff

Release: 1985-12-10

Runtime: 117

Plot: A group of dancers congregate on the stage of a Broadway theatre to audition for a new musical production directed by Zach. After the initial eliminations, seventeen hopefuls remain, among them Cassie, who once had a tempestuous romantic relationship with Zach. She is desperate enough for work to humble herself and audition for him; whether he's willing to let professionalism overcome his personal feelings about their past remains to be seen.
A Chorus Line (1985)