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All of Me (1984)


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Title: All of Me (1984)

Tagline: They say that behind every great man there's a woman. But in this case it's ridiculous.

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Director: Carl Reiner

Cast: Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin, Victoria Tennant, Madolyn Smith Osborne, Richard Libertini, Dana Elcar, Jason Bernard, Selma Diamond, Eric Christmas, Gailard Sartain, Neva Patterson, Michael Ensign, Peggy Feury, Nan Martin, Basil Hoffman, Hedley Mattingly, Harvey Vernon, Stu Black, Marilyn Tokuda, David Byrd, Nicholas Shields, Bill Saito, Neil Elliot, Jillian Scott, Judy Nagy, Ronn Wright, Jim Welch, Tiger, Michael George

Release: 1984-09-21

Runtime: 93

Plot: Just before stubborn millionaire Edwina Cutwater dies, she asks her uptight lawyer, Roger Cobb to amend her will so that her soul will pass to the young, vibrant Terry Hoskins – but the spiritual transference goes awry. Edwina enters Roger's body instead, forcing him to battle Edwina for control of his own being.
All of Me (1984)


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