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Anything But Love


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Title: Anything But Love

Genre: Comedy

First aired: 1989-03-07

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Richard Lewis, Richard Frank, Holly Fulger, Ann Magnuson, Bruce Weitz, Joseph Maher, Billy Van Zandt, Jane Milmore, Sandy Faison, Louis Giambalvo, Bruce Kirby

Overview: Anything But Love is an American television sitcom, which aired on ABC from March 7, 1989 to June 3, 1992, spanning four seasons and 56 episodes. The show starred Richard Lewis as Marty Gold and Jamie Lee Curtis as Hannah Miller, coworkers at a Chicago magazine with a mutual romantic attraction to each other, who struggled to keep their relationship strictly professional. The series, from creator Wendy Kout and developers Dennis Koenig and Peter Noah, was produced by Adam Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television.
Anything But Love