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Blue Thunder (1983)


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Title: Blue Thunder (1983)

Tagline: He's out there…

Genre: Drama, Action, Thriller

Director: John Badham

Cast: Roy Scheider, Warren Oates, Candy Clark, Daniel Stern, Paul Roebling, David Sheiner, Joe Santos, Malcolm McDowell, Ed Bernard, Jason Bernard, Mario Machado, James Murtaugh, Pat McNamara, Jack Murdock, Clifford A. Pellow, Paul Lambert, Phil Feldman, John Garber, Anthony James, Robin Braxton, Anna Forrest, Ricky Slyter, Reid Cruickshanks, Billy Ray Sharkey, Fred Slyter, John Gladstein, Ross Reynolds, Karl A. Wickman, James W. Gavin, Thomas H. Friedkin, James Read, Mickey Gilbert, William T. Lane, Lolly Boroff, Patti Clifton, Ernest Harada, Frances E. Nealy, Jose Pepe R. Gonzales, Jerry Ziesmer, Tom Lawrence, John Ashby, Tony Brubaker, Norman Alexander Gibbs, Bill M. Ryusaki, Gary Davis, Thomas Rosales Jr., Larry Randles, Peter Miller, Mike H. McGaughy, Lucinda Crosby

Release: 1983-02-05

Runtime: 110

Plot: Los Angeles, California. Officer Murphy, a veteran Metropolitan Police helicopter pilot suffering from severe trauma due to his harsh experiences during the Vietnam War, and Lymangood, his resourceful new partner, are tasked with testing an advanced and heavily armed experimental chopper known as Blue Thunder.
Blue Thunder (1983)


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