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Doctor Detroit (1983)


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Title: Doctor Detroit (1983)

Tagline: He's making the world safe for insanity.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Michael Pressman

Cast: Dan Aykroyd, Howard Hesseman, Donna Dixon, Lydia Lei, T. K. Carter, Lynn Whitfield, Fran Drescher, John A. Maloney, Pershing P. Anderson, William Munchow, Ed Meekin, Hank Salas, Rudolph Kovar, Kate Murtagh, Peter Elbling, George Furth, Nan Martin, Peter Aykroyd, Glenne Headly, Annabel Armour, Robert Cornthwaite, Thomas O. Erhart Jr., Parley Baer, Oliver Clark, Ben Kronen, Lance Kinsey, Andrew Duggan, Victoria Brown, Blackie Dammett, James Brown, Alan Ruck

Release: 1983-05-06

Runtime: 89

Plot: A shy but gentle man named Clifford Skridlow is a professor of comparative literature at the financially-strapped fictional Monroe College in Chicago. A chance encounter with four beautiful women at a restaurant changes his life forever.
Doctor Detroit (1983)