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Empire of the Sun (1987)


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Title: Empire of the Sun (1987)

Tagline: To survive in a world at war, he must find a strength greater than all the events that surround him.

Genre: Drama, History, War

Director: Steven Spielberg

Cast: Christian Bale, John Malkovich, Miranda Richardson, Nigel Havers, Ben Stiller, Joe Pantoliano, Leslie Phillips, Masatō Ibu, Emily Richard, Rupert Frazer, Takatarô Kataoka, David Neidorf, Ralph Seymour, Robert Stephens, Naishe Zhai, Guts Ishimatsu, Emma Piper, Jack Dearlove, Anna Turner, Ann Castle, Yvonne Gilan, Ralph Michael, Sybil Maas, Barrie Houghton, James Walker, Peter Gale

Release: 1987-12-09

Runtime: 153

Plot: Jamie Graham, a privileged English boy, is living in Shanghai when the Japanese invade and force all foreigners into prison camps. Jamie is captured with an American sailor, who looks out for him while they are in the camp together. Even though he is separated from his parents and in a hostile environment, Jamie maintains his dignity and youthful spirits, providing a beacon of hope for the others held captive with him.
Empire of the Sun (1987)


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