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Extremities (1986)


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Title: Extremities (1986)

Tagline: When fear made her a victim, she turned fear into a weapon.

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Director: Robert M. Young

Cast: Farrah Fawcett, James Russo, Alfre Woodard, Diana Scarwid, Sandy Martin, Eddie Velez, Tom Everett, Donna Lynn Leavy, Enid Kent, Michael Hennessy, Danika Hendrickson, Clare Wren, James Avery

Release: 1986-08-22

Runtime: 89

Plot: A woman escapes from the man who is about to rape her, but leaves her purse behind. Afraid that her attacker might come after her, she goes to the police, but with no proof of the incident, they can do nothing. In fact, the man does use the information in her bag and comes to her apartment with the intent of rape, but she sprays him in the face with insect repellent, and then holds him captive. She is then faced with deciding whether to go to the police who might not believe her and release him, or to kill him.
Extremities (1986)