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Father Dowling Mysteries


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Title: Father Dowling Mysteries

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Mystery

First aired: 1989-01-20

Creator: Dean Hargrove, Joel Steiger

Cast: Tom Bosley, Tracy Nelson, James Stephens, Anthony LaPaglia, John Slattery, Mary Wickes, Michelle Forbes, Stella Stevens

Overview: Father Dowling Mysteries is an American television mystery series that aired from January 20, 1989 to May 2, 1991. Prior to the series, a TV movie aired on November 30, 1987. For its first season, the show was on NBC; it moved to ABC for its last two seasons. It is based on the adventures of the title character created by Ralph McInerny, in a series of mystery novels. The series was produced by The Fred Siverman Company and Dean Hargrove Productions in association with Viacom Productions.
Father Dowling Mysteries