Gilligan's Planet

Genre: Animation

Cast: Bob Denver,Natalie Schafer,Jim Backus,Dawn Wells,Alan Hale Jr.,Russell Johnson

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Show status: Ended

Overview: Gilligan's Planet is a Saturday morning cartoon produced by the Filmation animation studio and MGM/UA Television which aired during the 1982-1983 season on CBS. It was the second animated spin-off of the popular sitcom Gilligan's Island, the first being The New Adventures of Gilligan. Gilligan's Planet was the last cartoon series that Filmation produced for Saturday mornings; afterwards, they produced cartoons exclusively for syndication. It was also the first Filmation series to feature the Lou Scheimer "signature" credit. Gilligan's Planet was also the final 1980s Saturday morning cartoon to retain Charley Douglass's adult laugh track. Thereafter, Filmation dismissed Douglass' chuckles for its animated lineup as it transitioned to more heroically-themed cartoons that were more dramatic for a laugh track. In 2012, Animation World Network named Gilligan's Planet the 57th greatest animated television series of all-time.

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    • Bob Denver

    • Natalie Schafer

    • Jim Backus

    • Dawn Wells

    • Alan Hale Jr.

    • Russell Johnson

    • Lou Scheimer (Production)

    • Gilligan's Planet (Theme Song)

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