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Gorky Park (1983)


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Title: Gorky Park (1983)

Tagline: Murder In Moscow

Genre: Thriller, Crime, Drama

Director: Michael Apted

Cast: William Hurt, Lee Marvin, Brian Dennehy, Ian Bannen, Joanna Pacula, Michael Elphick, Richard Griffiths, Rikki Fulton, Alexander Knox, Alexei Sayle, Ian McDiarmid, Niall O'Brien, Henry Woolf, Tusse Silberg, Patrick Field, Juuso Hirvikangas, Marjatta Nissinen, Heikki Leppänen, Lauri Törhönen, Elsa Salamas, Anatoli Davydov, Lasse Lindberg, Jussi Parviainen

Release: 1983-12-15

Runtime: 128

Plot: Police Inspector Renko tries to solve the case of three bodies found in Moscow's Gorky Park but finds his attempts to solve the crime impeded by his superiors. Working on his own, Renko seeks out more information and stumbles across a conspiracy involving the highest levels of the government.
Gorky Park (1983)