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Howard the Duck (1986)


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Title: Howard the Duck (1986)

Tagline: You will believe that a duck can talk.

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Director: Willard Huyck

Cast: Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones, Tim Robbins, Ed Gale, Holly Robinson Peete, David Paymer, Paul Guilfoyle, Richard Edson, Dominique Davalos, Liz Sagal, Chip Zien, Tommy Swerdlow, Miles Chapin, Richard McGonagle, Virginia Capers, Debbie Lee Carrington, Miguel Sandoval, Sheldon Feldner, Paul Comi, James Lashly, William Hall, John Fleck, Nancy Fish, Wood Moy, Kristopher Logan

Release: 1986-08-01

Runtime: 110

Plot: A scientific experiment unknowingly brings extraterrestrial life forms to the Earth through a laser beam. First is the cigar smoking drake Howard from the duck's planet. A few kids try to keep him from the greedy scientists and help him back to his planet. But then a much less friendly being arrives through the beam...
Howard the Duck (1986)


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