Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Title: Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Tagline: It’s Craazzy!

Genre: Comedy,Horror,Science Fiction

Director: Stephen Chiodo

Cast: Grant Cramer,Suzanne Snyder,John Allen Nelson,John Vernon,Royal Dano,Christopher Titus,Michael S. Siegel,Peter Licassi,Irene Michaels,Karla Sue Krull,Aeron Macintyre,Danny Kovacs,Adele Proom,Howard Malpas,Karen Raff,Kathleen Stefano,Claire Bartle,Sharon O'Mahoney,Michael Halton,Lucinda Burgess,Melvin Thompson,David Piel,Armon Stover,Jeff Yesko,Steve Rockhold,Michael Harington Burris,Geno Ponza,Scott Beatty,Paul Haley,Dennis C. Walsh,Genie Houdini,Harrod Blank,Karl Shaeffer,Paul Parsons,Jimmy Locust,Mitch Bryan,Greg Sykes

Status: Released

Release: 1988-05-27

Runtime: 88

Plot: Aliens disguised as clowns crash land on Earth in a rural town to capture unsuspecting victims in cotton candy cocoons for later consumption.

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Grant Cramer

      Mike Tobacco
    • Suzanne Snyder

      Debbie Stone
    • John Allen Nelson

      Dave Hanson
    • John Vernon

      Curtis Mooney
    • Royal Dano

      Farmer Gene Green
    • Christopher Titus

      Bob McReed
    • Michael S. Siegel

      Rich Terenzi
    • Peter Licassi

      Paul Terenzi
    • Irene Michaels

    • Karla Sue Krull

    • Aeron Macintyre

      Punk #1
    • Danny Kovacs

      Punk #2
    • Adele Proom

      Mrs. Franco
    • Howard Malpas

      Mr. Myers
    • Karen Raff

      Mom #1
    • Kathleen Stefano

      Mom #2
    • Claire Bartle

      Little Girl
    • Sharon O'Mahoney

    • Michael Halton

    • Lucinda Burgess

    • Melvin Thompson

      Black Biker
    • David Piel

      Security Guard
    • Armon Stover

      State Trooper
    • Jeff Yesko

      State Trooper
    • Steve Rockhold

      Klown Performer
    • Michael Harington Burris

      Klown Performer
    • Geno Ponza

      Klown Performer
    • Scott Beatty

      Klown Performer
    • Paul Haley

      Klown Performer
    • Dennis C. Walsh

      Klown Performer
    • Philip Dean Foreman (Art)

      Art Direction
    • Paul Mason (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Alana H. Lambros (Production)

    • J.J. Lichauco Pelman (Production)

      Associate Producer
    • Helen Szabo (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Luana Speelman (Art)

      Set Decoration
    • Stephen Chiodo (Writing)

    • Charles Chiodo (Writing)

    • Edward Chiodo (Writing)

    • Ed Mitchell (Production)

    • Alfred Taylor (Camera)

      Director of Photography
    • Steve Shibuya (Crew)

      Special Effects Assistant
    • Christopher Roth (Production)

      Associate Producer
    • John Massari (Sound)

      Original Music Composer
    • Justin Kohn (Visual Effects)

    • Darcee F. Olson (Costume & Make-Up)

      Costume Design
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