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Loverboy (1989)


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Title: Loverboy (1989)

Tagline: Randy Bodek has no idea how to treat a woman . . . but he's working on it.

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Director: Joan Micklin Silver

Cast: Patrick Dempsey, Kate Jackson, Barbara Carrera, Nancy Valen, Kirstie Alley, Robert Ginty, Vic Tayback, Kim Miyori, Robert Picardo, Carrie Fisher, Elizabeth Daily, Dylan Walsh, Peter Koch, Bernie Coulson, Ray Girardin, Sandra Beall, Rebecca Holden, Alisa Wilson, Bill Kalmenson, Irene Olga López, Cheryl Felicia Rhoads, Robert Petkoff, Stacey Hughes, Tonia George, Richard Brestoff, Gilbert B. Combs

Release: 1989-04-28

Runtime: 98

Plot: Randy Bodek works as a pizza delivery boy at Senor Pizza to make a few extra bucks. Some customers are special, though: When the order is for a pizza with extra anchovies, it means the female customers are looking for some loving. "Loverboy's" reputation soon makes him very popular, but when Mom Bodek suddenly feels like some extra anchovies, things are looking grim for young Randy
Loverboy (1989)