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Night Shift (1982)


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Title: Night Shift (1982)

Tagline: Ever since two enterprising young men turned the City Morgue into a swinging business, people have been dying to get in.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Ron Howard

Cast: Henry Winkler, Michael Keaton, Shelley Long, Gina Hecht, Pat Corley, Bobby Di Cicco, Nita Talbot, Basil Hoffman, Tim Rossovich, Clint Howard, Joe Spinell, Cheryl Carter, Becky Gonzalez, Corki Grazer, Jaid Barrymore, Ava Lazar, Ola Ray, Cassandra Gava, Ashley Cox, Dawn Dunlap, K.C. Winkler, Monique Gabrielle, Richard Belzer, Beau Billingslea, Grand L. Bush, Floyd Levine, Charles Fleischer, Vincent Schiavelli, Brett Baxter Clark, Kevin Costner, Shannen Doherty, Michael Pataki, Elizabeth Carder, Joy Michael Vogelbacher

Release: 1982-07-30

Runtime: 106

Plot: A nebbish of a morgue attendant gets shunted back to the night shift where he is shackled with an obnoxious neophyte partner who dreams of the "one great idea" for success. His life takes a bizarre turn when a prostitute neighbour complains about the loss of her pimp. His partner, upon hearing the situation, suggests that they fill that opening themselves using the morgue at night .
Night Shift (1982)