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Over the Edge (1979)


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Title: Over the Edge (1979)

Tagline: Nobody listened. Nobody cared. Until the night they went "Over the Edge"

Genre: Crime, Drama

Director: Jonathan Kaplan

Cast: Michael Eric Kramer, Matt Dillon, Pamela Ludwig, Vincent Spano, Andy Romano, Ellen Geer, Tom Fergus, Harry Northup, Julia Pomeroy, Tiger Thompson, Lane Smith, Richard Jamison, Eric Lalich, Kim Kliner, Frank Mugavero, Kristina Hanson, Diane Reilly, Jeff Fleury, Bill Whedbee, Molly McCarthy, Gary Tessler, Polly Shaw, Mike Osborne, Frank Bauer, Susan von Till

Release: 1979-11-02

Runtime: 95

Plot: With only a recreation center to distract them, most of the teenagers in the drab-planned community of New Granada have turned to drugs and delinquency. Carl (Michael Kramer), the son of a town councilman, is an exception, but he can't seem to help falling in with a charismatic and troubled classmate, Richie (Matt Dillon). Soon after, a trigger-happy sheriff (Harry Northrup) shoots Richie, and sole witness Carl has to go on the run, eventually inciting a dramatic teenage riot.
Over the Edge (1979)


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