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Pole Position


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Title: Pole Position

Genre: Animation, Action & Adventure, Kids

First aired: 1984-09-15

Creator: Michael Reaves, Jean Chalopin

Cast: David Coburn, Lisa Lindgren, Kaleena Kiff, Darryl Hickman, Mel Franklyn, Marilyn Schreffler, Jack Angel

Overview: Dan Darret and his two sisters, Tess and Daisy, are left to run the The Pole Position Stunt Show after their parents disappear during a stunt race. When their uncle Zachary reveals that their parents were government agents using the stunt show as a cover for a secret crime-fighting organization, the kids vow to carry on their parents' work. Along with pet Kuma and two high-tech talking cars, Roadie and Wheels, they become the New Pole Position Force.
Pole Position