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Radio Days (1987)


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Title: Radio Days (1987)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music

Director: Woody Allen

Cast: Danny Aiello, Jeff Daniels, Mia Farrow, Seth Green, Robert Joy, Julie Kavner, Diane Keaton, Julie Kurnitz, Renée Lippin, Kenneth Mars, Josh Mostel, Tony Roberts, Wallace Shawn, Michael Tucker, David Warrilow, Dianne Wiest, Mike Starr, Paul Herman, Don Pardo, Martin Rosenblatt, Helen Miller, Danielle Ferland, Mick Murray, William Flanagan, William Magerman, Leah Carrey, Joy Newman, Hy Anzell, Judith Malina, Fletcher Farrow Previn, Oliver Block, Maurice Toueg, Sal Tuminello, Rebecca Nickels, Mindy Morgenstern, David Mosberg, Ross Morgenstern, Andrew B. Clark, Lee Erwin, Roger Hammer, Terry Lee Swarts, Margaret Thomson, Tito Puente, Denise Dumont, Dimitri Vassilopoulos, Larry David, Rebecca Schaeffer, Belle Berger, Guy Le Bow, Brian Mannain, Stanley Burns, Todd Field, Peter Lombard, Martin Sherman, Crystal Field, Maurice Shrog, Marc Colner, Roberta Bennett, Joel Eidelsberg, Peter Castellotti, Gina DeAngeles, Shelley Delaney, Dwight Weist, Ken Levinsky, Ray Marchica, J.R. Horne, Kuno Sponholtz, Henry Yuk, Sydney A. Blake, Kitty Carlisle, Henry Cowen, Philip Shultz, Mercedes Ruehl, Bruce Jarchow, Greg Gerard, David Cale, Ira Wheeler, Hannah Rabinowitz, Edward S. Kotkin, Ruby Payne, J.E. Beaucaire, Paul Berman, Richard Portnow, Barbara Gallo, Jane Jarvis, Liz Vochecowizc, Ivan Kronenfeld, Frank O'Brien, Yolanda Childress, Artie Butler, Gregg Almquist, Jackson Beck, Wendell Craig, William H. Macy, Ken Roberts, Norman Rose, Kenneth Welsh, Fred Melamed, Woody Allen

Release: 1987-01-30

Runtime: 90

Plot: The Narrator tells us how the radio influenced his childhood in the days before TV. In the New York City of the late 1930s to the New Year's Eve 1944, this coming-of-age tale mixes the narrator's experiences with contemporary anecdotes and urban legends of the radio stars.
Radio Days (1987)


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