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Salvador (1986)


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Title: Salvador (1986)

Tagline: Dateline: 1980, El Salvador. Correspondent: Richard Boyle, Photojournalist - Guatemala, Iran, Vietnam, Chile, Belfast, Lebanon, Cambodia...

Genre: Drama, History, Thriller

Director: Oliver Stone

Cast: James Woods, Jim Belushi, Michael Murphy, John Savage, Tony Plana, Colby Chester, Cynthia Gibb, Will MacMillan, Valerie Wildman, José Carlos Ruiz, Jorge Luke, Juan Fernández, Rosario Zúñiga, Elpidia Carrillo, Salvador Sánchez

Release: 1986-04-23

Runtime: 123

Plot: A second-rate journalist from the US tries his luck in El Salvador during the military dictatorship in the 1980s.
Salvador (1986)