Stand by Me (1986)

Title: Stand by Me

Tagline: For some, it's the last real taste of innocence, and the first real taste of life.

Genre: Crime,Drama

Director: Rob Reiner

Cast: Wil Wheaton,River Phoenix,Jerry O'Connell,Corey Feldman,Kiefer Sutherland,Casey Siemaszko,Gary Riley,Bradley Gregg,Jason Oliver,Marshall Bell,Frances Lee McCain,Bruce Kirby,William Bronder,Scott Beach,Richard Dreyfuss,John Cusack,Madeleine Swift,Popeye,Geanette Bobst,Art Burke,Matt Williams,Andy Lindberg,Dick Durock,O.B. Babbs,Charlie Owens,Kenneth Hodges,John Hodges,Susan Thorpe,Korey Scott Pollard,Rick Elliott,Kent W. Luttrell,Chance Quinn,Jason Naylor

Status: Released

Release: 1986-08-08

Runtime: 89

Plot: Gordie, Chris, Teddy and Vern are four friends who decide to hike to find the corpse of Ray Brower, a local teenager, who was hit by a train while plucking blueberries in the wild.

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Wil Wheaton

      Gordie Lachance
    • River Phoenix

      Chris Chambers
    • Jerry O'Connell

      Vern Tessio
    • Corey Feldman

      Teddy Duchamp
    • Kiefer Sutherland

      Ace Merrill
    • Casey Siemaszko

      Billy Tessio
    • Gary Riley

      Charlie Hogan
    • Bradley Gregg

      Eyeball Chambers
    • Jason Oliver

      Vince Desjardins
    • Marshall Bell

      Mr. Lachance
    • Frances Lee McCain

      Mrs. Lachance
    • Bruce Kirby

      Mr. Quidacioluo
    • William Bronder

      Milo Pressman
    • Scott Beach

      Mayor Grundy
    • Richard Dreyfuss

      The Writer
    • John Cusack

      Denny Lachance
    • Madeleine Swift

    • Popeye

    • Geanette Bobst

      Mayor's Wife
    • Art Burke

      Principal Wiggins
    • Matt Williams

      Bob Cormier
    • Andy Lindberg

      Lardass Hogan
    • Dick Durock

      Bill Travis
    • O.B. Babbs

      Lardass Heckler #1
    • Charlie Owens

      Lardass Heckler #2
    • Kenneth Hodges

      Donelley Twin
    • John Hodges

      Donelley Twin
    • Susan Thorpe

      Fat Lady
    • Korey Scott Pollard

    • Rick Elliott

      Jack Mudgett
    • Bruce Birmelin (Camera)

      Still Photographer
    • Dan O'Connell (Sound)

      Foley Artist
    • K. Lenna Katich (Production)

      Production Accountant
    • Faye Brenner (Directing)

      Script Supervisor
    • Wylie Stateman (Sound)

      Supervising Sound Editor
    • Buzz Feitshans IV (Camera)

      Assistant Camera
    • Russell Goble (Art)

      Property Master
    • Michael G. Riba (Camera)

      Assistant Camera
    • Gerald A. King (Camera)

      Best Boy Grip
    • Cheri Ruff (Costume & Make-Up)

    • Steve Nicolaides (Production)

      Production Manager
    • Jeffrey Stott (Production)

      Production Supervisor
    • Rick Ash (Sound)

      Foley Artist
    • Donah Bassett (Editing)

      Negative Cutter
    • Monty Westmore (Costume & Make-Up)

      Makeup Artist
    • Jack Carpenter (Crew)

    • Joe Gilbert (Sound)

      Assistant Sound Editor
    • Christopher Ishii (Camera)

      Assistant Camera
    • Jim Behnke (Directing)

      Second Assistant Director
    • Craig Denault (Camera)

      Camera Operator
    • Janet Hirshenson (Production)

    • Brenda Meyers-Ballard (Art)

    • Rick Thompson (Crew)

      Special Effects
    • Tom Ajar (Crew)

    • Sue Moore (Costume & Make-Up)

      Costume Supervisor
    • Lon Bender (Sound)

      Supervising Sound Editor
    • Rick Seaman (Crew)

    • Darrell Huntsman (Art)

    • Robert Eber (Sound)

      Sound Mixer
    • Elizabeth Galloway (Production)

      Production Coordinator
    • Clip

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    • Water Fight

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    • Original Theatrical Trailer

      • Trailer
    • Teddy Faces A Train

      • Clip
    • Chris Encourages Gordie To Write

      • Clip
    • Chris Confides In Gordie

      • Clip
    • Gordie Breaks Down

      • Clip
    • Gordie Stands Up To Ace

      • Clip
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