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Star Wars: Ewoks


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Title: Star Wars: Ewoks

Genre: Kids, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure

First aired: 1985-09-07

Creator: George Lucas, Dale Schott, Raymond Jafelice, Paul Dini

Cast: Alyson Court, Jim Henshaw, Don Francks, Esther Scott, Cree Summer, Dan Hennessey, George Buza, John Stocker, Michael Fantini, Sue Murphy, Taborah Johnson, Leanne Coppen, Anthony Parr, Greg Swanson, Richard Donat, Nonnie Griffin, Jeanne Reynolds, Tabitha St. Germain, Paul Chato, Pam Hyatt, Eric Peterson, Rick Cimino, James Cranna, Doug Chamberlain, Melleny Melody, Jackie Burroughs

Overview: The Ewok Wicket and his friends from the Bright Tree Village go on many magical adventures.
Star Wars: Ewoks

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