Genre: Documentary

Cast: Robert Hooks,Ken Olandt,Richard Jaeckel,Cec Verrell,Matthew Walker,Dale Dye,Michael Sharrett,Tasia Valenza,Gerardo Mejía

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: Supercarrier is a 1988 ABC television series aired during the Top Gun trend of the late 1980s. It features US Navy Pilots aboard the fictional aircraft carrier USS Georgetown, and ran for eight episodes before being cancelled.

Cast Crew

    • Robert Hooks

      Commander Jim Coleman
    • Ken Olandt

      Lt Jack 'Sierra' DePalma
    • Richard Jaeckel

      Master Chief Sam Rivers
    • Cec Verrell

      Lt Ruth 'Bee-Bee' Ruthkowski
    • Matthew Walker

    • Dale Dye

    • Michael Sharrett

    • Tasia Valenza

    • Gerardo Mejía

      Luis Cruz
    • Chuck Bowman (Production)

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