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Tank (1984)


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Title: Tank (1984)

Tagline: A tank a day keeps the law away.

Genre: Action, Comedy

Director: Marvin J. Chomsky

Cast: James Garner, Shirley Jones, C. Thomas Howell, Mark Herrier, Sandy Ward, Jenilee Harrison, James Cromwell, Dorian Harewood, G. D. Spradlin, John Hancock, Guy Boyd, Randy Bass

Release: 1984-03-16

Runtime: 113

Plot: After relocating his family - and his prized restored Sherman tank - to a small Georgia town, Sargeant Major Zack Carey butts heads with the local sheriff. Zack doesn't agree with the ways of the local police, and when the sheriff goes after Zack's son, it's time for Zack to roll out the Sherman tank and wage a little war of his own.
Tank (1984)