The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo

Genre: Animation,Mystery,Comedy,Family

Director: Ken Spears,Joe Ruby,Tom Ruegger

Cast: Don Messick,Casey Kasem,Heather North,Susan Blu,Arte Johnson,Howard Morris,Vincent Price

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: Shaggy and Scooby-Doo and friends must return 13 ghosts which they inadvertently released to a magical chest. Together with Daphne and Scrappy-Doo, along with newcomer Flim-Flam, they travel the world facing the ghosts that must be returned to the chest.

Cast Crew

    • Don Messick

      Scooby-Doo (voice)
    • Casey Kasem

      Shaggy Rogers (voice)
    • Heather North

      Daphne Blake (voice)
    • Susan Blu

      Flim-Flam (voice)
    • Arte Johnson

      Weerd (voice)
    • Howard Morris

      Bogel (voice)
    • Vincent Price

      Vincent Van Ghoul (voice)
    • Joseph Barbera (Production)

    • William Hanna (Production)

    • Jean MacCurdy (Production)

    • Tom Ruegger (Writing)

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