The Care Bears

Genre: Kids,Animation,Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Director: David H. DePatie,Linda Denham,Elena Kucharik

Cast: Dan Hennessey,John Stocker,Chris Wiggins,Melleny Melody,Luba Goy,Billie Mae Richards,Jim Henshaw,Tracey Moore,Eva Almos,Tara Strong,Terri Hawkes,Janet-Laine Green,Jayne Eastwood,Patricia Black,Linda Sorensen,Nonnie Griffin

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: The Care Bears live in a faraway place up in the clouds called Care-a-Lot. They travel around the world on Missions in Caring, whilst evil villains such as Professor Coldheart and Lord No Heart, try to thwart their plans.

Cast Crew

    • Dan Hennessey

      Brave Heart Lion (voice)
    • John Stocker

      Mr. Beastly (voice)
    • Chris Wiggins

      No Heart (voice)
    • Melleny Melody

      Baby Tugs (voice)
    • Luba Goy

      Treat Heart Pig (voice)
    • Billie Mae Richards

      Bright Heart Raccoon (voice)
    • Jim Henshaw

      Tenderheart Bear (voice)
    • Tracey Moore

      Cheer Bear (voice)
    • Eva Almos

      Champ Bear (voice)
    • Tara Strong

    • Terri Hawkes

      Shreeky (voice)
    • Janet-Laine Green

      Wish Bear (voice)
    • Jayne Eastwood

      Birthday Bear (voice)
    • Patricia Black

      Share Bear (voice)
    • Linda Sorensen

      Love-a-Lot Bear (voice)
    • Nonnie Griffin

      Funshine Bear (voice)
    • Jean Chalopin (Production)

    • Andy Heyward (Production)

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