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The Cotton Club (1984)


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Title: The Cotton Club (1984)

Tagline: It was the jazz age. It was an era of elegance and violence. The action was gambling. The stakes were life and death.

Genre: Crime, Drama

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Cast: Richard Gere, Gregory Hines, Diane Lane, Lonette McKee, Bob Hoskins, James Remar, Nicolas Cage, Allen Garfield, Fred Gwynne, Gwen Verdon, Lisa Jane Persky, Maurice Hines, Julian Beck, Novella Nelson, Laurence Fishburne, John P. Ryan, Tom Waits, Ron Karabatsos, Glenn Withrow, Jennifer Grey, Wynonna Smith, Thelma Carpenter, Charles 'Honi' Coles, Larry Marshall, Joe Dallesandro, Diane Venora, Tucker Smallwood, Marc Coppola, Robert Earl Jones, Sofia Coppola, Tracey Ross, Mario Van Peebles, Ed O'Ross, Frederick Downs Jr., Woody Strode, Bill Graham, Dayton Allen, Kim Chan, Ed Rowan, Leonard Termo, Brian Tarantina, Bruce MacVittie, James Russo, Giancarlo Esposito, Rony Clanton, Damien Leake, Bill Cobbs, Joe Lynn, Oscar Barnes, Ed Zang, Sandra Beall, Zane Mark, Paul Herman, Randle Mell, Gregory Rozakis, Vincent Jerman-Jerosa, Rosalind Harris, Jackée Harry, Sonya Hensley, Valarie Pettiford, Kimberly Dorsey, Anton Evangelista, Nicholas J. Giangiulio, Suzanne Kaaren, Robin Karfo, Mark Margolis, Naylon Mitchell, Ray Negron, Kirk Taylor, Rick Washburn

Release: 1984-12-14

Runtime: 127

Plot: Harlem's legendary Cotton Club becomes a hotbed of passion and violence as the lives and loves of entertainers and gangsters collide.
The Cotton Club (1984)


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