The Flintstone Comedy Show

Genre: Family,Animation,Comedy,Kids

Cast: Henry Corden,Mel Blanc,Jean Vander Pyl,Gay Autterson,Russi Taylor,Michael Sheehan,Charles Nelson Reilly,Zelda Rubinstein,Paul Reubens,John Stephenson,Mitzi McCall,Lennie Weinrib,Ruta Lee,Kenneth Mars,Don Messick,Frank Welker

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Show status: Ended

Overview: The Flintstone Comedy Show is a 90-minute Saturday morning animated series revival of The Flintstones produced by Hanna-Barbera and aired from November 22, 1980 to September 11, 1982 on NBC. Outside North America, the show was released under title of Flintstone Frolics. The show contained six segments: The Flintstone Family Adventures, Bedrock Cops, Pebbles, Dino and Bamm-Bamm, Captain Caveman, Dino and Cavemouse, and The Frankenstones.


    • Henry Corden

      Fred Flintstone
    • Mel Blanc

      Barney Rubble / Captain Caveman / Dino
    • Jean Vander Pyl

      Wilma Flintstone
    • Gay Autterson

      Betty Rubble / Wiggy Rockstone
    • Russi Taylor

      Pebbles Flintstone
    • Michael Sheehan

      Bamm-Bamm Rubble
    • Charles Nelson Reilly

      Frank Frankenstone
    • Zelda Rubinstein

      Atrocia Frankenstone
    • Paul Reubens

      Freaky Frankenstone
    • John Stephenson

      Mr. Slate
    • Mitzi McCall

      Penny Pillar
    • Lennie Weinrib

      Moonrock Crater / Sgt. Boulder
    • Ruta Lee

      Hidea Frankenstone
    • Kenneth Mars

      Lou Granite
    • Don Messick

    • Frank Welker

      Shmoo / Rockjaw
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