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The Osterman Weekend (1983)


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Title: The Osterman Weekend (1983)

Tagline: The one weekend of the year you won't want to miss.

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

Director: Sam Peckinpah

Cast: Rutger Hauer, John Hurt, Craig T. Nelson, Dennis Hopper, Chris Sarandon, Meg Foster, Helen Shaver, Burt Lancaster, Cassie Yates, Sandy McPeak, Christopher Starr, Cheryl Carter, John Bryson, Anne Haney, Kristen Peckinpah, Marshall Ho'o, Jan Tříska, Hansford Rowe, Merete Van Kamp, Bruce A. Block, Buddy Joe Hooker, Tim Thomerson, Deborah Chiaramonte, Walter Kelley, Brick Tilley, Eddy Donno, Den Surles, Janeen Davis, Bob Kensinger, Buckley Norris, Gregory Joe Parr, Don Shafer, Irene Gorman Wright, Sam Peckinpah, Julie Wakefield, Jimmy Williams

Release: 1983-10-14

Runtime: 103

Plot: The host of an investigative news show is convinced by the CIA that the friends he has invited to a weekend in the country are engaged in a conspiracy that threatens national security in this adaptation of the Robert Ludlum novel.
The Osterman Weekend (1983)


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