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The Renegades


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Title: The Renegades

Genre: Drama

First aired: 1983-03-04

Creator: Lawrence Gordon

Cast: Patrick Swayze, Randy Brooks, Paul Mones, Tracy Scoggins, Robert Thaler, Brian Tochi, Kurtwood Smith, James Luisi, Fausto Bara

Overview: The Renegades is a short-lived ABC TV show from 1982 about a gang that is given the option of going to jail for their crimes or becoming a special police undercover unit. The star of The Renegades, and leader of the gang, was The Bandit played by Patrick Swayze. The gang's police handler is Captain Scanlon played by Kurtwood Smith. Kurtwood Smith went on to play the father in the That '70s Show.
The Renegades