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The Secret of My Success (1987)


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Title: The Secret of My Success (1987)

Tagline: There's no such thing as an overnight success. Brantley Foster took two weeks.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Herbert Ross

Cast: Michael J. Fox, Helen Slater, Richard Jordan, Margaret Whitton, John Pankow, Fred Gwynne, Mercedes Ruehl, Bill Fagerbakke, Carol Ann Susi, Jack Davidson, Bruce McGill, Cindy Crawford, Susan Kellermann, Mark Margolis, John Capodice, Rick Aviles, Gloria Irizarry, Joseph Ragno, Judith Malina, Don Amendolia, Barton Heyman, Drew Snyder, Elizabeth Franz, Ira Wheeler, Ashley J. Laurence, Rex Robbins, Christopher Durang, MacIntyre Dixon, John Bowman, Jeff Brooks, Ascanio Sharpe, Mary Catherine Wright, Burke Pearson, Ray Ramirez, Sally-Jane Heit, Richard Arthur Gallo, Luis Antonio Ramos

Release: 1987-04-10

Runtime: 111

Plot: Brantley Foster, a well-educated kid from Kansas, has always dreamed of making it big in New York, but once in New York, he learns that jobs - and girls - are hard to get. When Brantley visits his uncle, Howard Prescott, who runs a multi-million-dollar company, he is given a job in the company's mail room.
The Secret of My Success (1987)


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