The Tortellis

Genre: Comedy

Director: James Burrows,Ken Estin

Cast: Dan Hedaya,Jean Kasem,Timothy Williams,Mandy Ingber,Carlene Watkins,Aaron Moffett

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: The Tortellis is an American sitcom that aired from January to May 1987 on NBC. A spin-off of the hit series Cheers, The Tortellis stars Dan Hedaya and Jean Kasem. Nick Tortelli, the loutish ex-husband of Cheers waitress Carla Tortelli, moves to Las Vegas to try and reconcile with his bimbo second wife Loretta, who now lives with her more sensible, divorced sister Charlotte and nephew Mark.

Cast Crew

    • Dan Hedaya

      Nick Tortelli
    • Jean Kasem

      Loretta Tortelli
    • Timothy Williams

      Anthony Tortelli
    • Mandy Ingber

      Annie Tortelli
    • Carlene Watkins

      Charlene Cooper
    • Aaron Moffett

      Mark Cooper
    • Glen Charles (Production)

    • Les Charles (Production)

    • James Burrows (Production)

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