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Tron (1982)


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Title: Tron (1982)

Tagline: A world inside the computer where man has never been. Until now.

Genre: Science Fiction, Action, Adventure

Director: Steven Lisberger

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, David Warner, Cindy Morgan, Barnard Hughes, Dan Shor, Peter Jurasik, Tony Stephano, Craig Chudy, Vince Deadrick Jr., Sam Schatz, Michael Dudikoff, Jackson Bostwick

Release: 1982-07-09

Runtime: 96

Plot: As Kevin Flynn searches for proof that he invented a hit video game, he is 'digitized' by a laser and finds himself inside 'The Grid', where programs suffer under the tyrannical rule of the Master Control Program (MCP). With the help of a security program called 'TRON', Flynn seeks to free The Grid from the MCP.
Tron (1982)