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Uncle Buck (1989)


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Title: Uncle Buck (1989)

Tagline: He's crude. He's crass. He's family.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family

Director: John Hughes

Cast: John Candy, Jean Louisa Kelly, Gaby Hoffmann, Macaulay Culkin, Amy Madigan, Elaine Bromka, Garrett M. Brown, Laurie Metcalf, Jay Underwood, Brian Tarantina, Mike Starr, Suzanne Shepherd, William Windom, Dennis Cockrum, Joel Robinson, Colin Baumgartner, Erik Whipple, Mark Rosenthal, Doug von Nessen, Wayne Kneeland, Gigi Casler, Laverne Anderson, Gina Doctor, Rachel Thompson Perrine, Ron Payne, Jane Vickerilla, Kyle Lewis Eastman, Dana Taylor, Jennifer Kane, Christen Loftis, Genae Affrunti, Anna Chlumsky, Patricia Arquette, Jack Blessing, Devon Odessa, Ryan Goldstein

Release: 1989-08-16

Runtime: 100

Plot: Buck Russell, a lovable but slovenly bachelor, suddenly becomes the temporary caretaker of his nephew and nieces after a family emergency. His freewheeling attitude soon causes tension with his older niece Tia, loyal girlfriend Chanice and just about everyone else who crosses his path.
Uncle Buck (1989)


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