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Under the Rainbow (1981)


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Title: Under the Rainbow (1981)

Tagline: Who knew so many little people would throw such a huge party?

Genre: Comedy

Director: Steve Rash

Cast: Chevy Chase, Carrie Fisher, Eve Arden, Joseph Maher, Robert Donner, Billy Barty, Mako, Cork Hubbert, Pat McCormick, Adam Arkin, Richard Stahl, Peter Isacksen, Jack Kruschen, Bennett Ohta, Jerry Maren, Ray Armstrong, Daniel Frishman, Gary Friedkin

Release: 1981-07-31

Runtime: 98

Plot: In World War II era Los Angeles, the manager of the Culver Hotel leaves his nephew in charge for a weekend. The nephew changes the name to the Hotel Rainbow and overbooks with royalty, assassins, secret agents, Japanese tourists, and munchkins. Secret Service agent Bruce Thorpe and casting director Annie Clark find romance amidst the intrigue and confusion.
Under the Rainbow (1981)

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