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War and Remembrance


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Title: War and Remembrance

Genre: Drama, War & Politics

First aired: 1988-11-13

Creator: Herman Wouk

Cast: Robert Mitchum, Victoria Tennant, David Dukes, Zevi Wolmark, Robert Hardy, John Gielgud, Steven Berkoff, Robert Morley, Jeremy Kemp, Sami Frey, Polly Bergen, Ian McShane, John Rhys-Davies, William Schallert, Jane Seymour, Ralph Bellamy, Hart Bochner, Sharon Stone, Michael Woods, Nina Foch, Peter Graves, Hardy Krüger, Chaim Topol, Joachim Hansen, Mike Connors, Sky du Mont, Günther Maria Halmer, Wolfgang Preiss, Ian Abercrombie

Overview: War and Remembrance is an American miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Herman Wouk. It is the sequel to highly successful The Winds of War.
War and Remembrance

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