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The Monkees - That Was Then, This Is Now (1986)

You always say you like my style.
You say I'm tough and kind of wild.
Am I too much for you to tame?
I swear this time it's not a game.
I've known a lot of girls.
No, this I won't deny.
I'll give our love,
I'll give it more than a try.
That was then, (that was then) this is now.
Let me prove my love girl, I'll make you proud.
I never made (never made) this kind of vow.
That was then, this is now
The current 'official' video is only available as an audio track but an actual music video for this song did exist and was played MTV in the 80's. The video was mostly a live performance from a concert at Great Adventure amusement park in Jackson, New Jersey.


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