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Halloween II (1981)


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Title: Halloween II (1981)

Tagline: The nightmare isn't over!

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Director: Rick Rosenthal

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Charles Cyphers, Jeffrey Kramer, Lance Guest, Pamela Susan Shoop, Ana Alicia, Nancy Stephens, Leo Rossi, Cliff Emmich, Hunter von Leer, Ty Mitchell, Nancy Kyes, Ford Rainey, Dick Warlock, Gloria Gifford, Tawny Moyer, Anne Bruner, Dana Carvey, Lucille Benson, Billy Warlock, Jack Verbois, Adam Gunn, Pamela McMyler, Dennis Holahan, Howard Culver, John Zenda, Ken Smolka, Roger Hampton, Robin Coleman, Tony Moran, Kyle Richards, Brian Andrews, Helen Kelly, Kim Gottlieb, Don Ramey Logan, Anne-Marie Martin, Nancy Platt Jacoby, Lance Warlock

Release: 1981-10-30

Runtime: 92

Plot: After failing to kill stubborn survivor Laurie and taking a bullet or six from former psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis, Michael Myers has followed Laurie to the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, where she's been admitted for Myers' attempt on her life. The institution proves to be particularly suited to serial killers, however, as Myers cuts, stabs and slashes his way through hospital staff to reach his favorite victim.
Halloween II (1981)


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