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Supergirl (1984)


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Title: Supergirl (1984)

Tagline: From out of another galaxy and into your hearts comes... Supergirl

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Science Fiction

Director: Jeannot Szwarc

Cast: Helen Slater, Faye Dunaway, Peter O'Toole, Hart Bochner, Mia Farrow, Brenda Vaccaro, Peter Cook, Simon Ward, Marc McClure, Maureen Teefy, David Healy, Matt Frewer, Kelly Hunter, Glory Annen, Christian J. Fletcher, Sandra Dickinson, Robyn Mandell, Jenifer Landor, Diana Ricardo, Nancy Lippold, Sonya Leite, Lynsey Beauchamp, Michelle Taylor, Nancy Wood, Virginia Greig, Julia Lewis, Bill Mitchell, Kevin Scott, Baillie Walsh, Orla Pederson, Bradley Lavelle

Release: 1984-07-01

Runtime: 124

Plot: After losing a powerful orb, Kara, Superman's cousin, comes to Earth to retrieve it and instead finds herself up against a wicked witch.
Supergirl (1984)