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The Falcon and the Snowman (1985)


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Title: The Falcon and the Snowman (1985)

Tagline: They came from the best of families. And they committed the worst of crimes.

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Director: John Schlesinger

Cast: Timothy Hutton, Sean Penn, Pat Hingle, Joyce Van Patten, Rob Reed, Art Camacho, Richard Dysart, Priscilla Pointer, Chris Makepeace, Dorian Harewood, Mady Kaplan, Macon McCalman, Jerry Hardin, Nicholas Pryor, Betty Lou Henson, Stanley Grover, Bob Arbogast, David Suchet, Boris Leskin, Anatoli Davydov, Lori Singer, Jennifer Runyon, Daniel McDonald, Marvin J. McIntyre, Sam Ingraffia, Tom Nolan, James Hardie, Burke Byrnes, Michael Ironside, Bob Nelson, Valerie Wildman, Guillermo Ríos, Annie Kozuch, George C. Grant, Vic Polizos, Drew Snyder, Arthur Taxier, Philip Corey, Martha Campos, Herbie Wallace, Steven Miller, Jeff Seyfried, Steve Duffy, Carlos Romano, George Belanger, Leopoldo Francés, Abel Franco, Raúl Martínez, Roger Cudney, Richard Masur, John Ratzenberger, John Sabol, Jaime Garza

Release: 1985-01-25

Runtime: 132

Plot: The true story of a disillusioned military contractor employee and his drug pusher childhood friend who became walk-in spies for the Soviet Union.
The Falcon and the Snowman (1985)