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Coming to America (1988)


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Title: Coming to America (1988)

Tagline: The four funniest men in America are Eddie Murphy.

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Director: John Landis

Cast: Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, John Amos, Shari Headley, Frankie Faison, Louie Anderson, Eriq La Salle, Allison Dean, Madge Sinclair, Paul Bates, Samuel L. Jackson, Ralph Bellamy, Don Ameche, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Calvin Lockhart, Garcelle Beauvais, Cuba Gooding Jr., Birdie M. Hale, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Clyde Jones, Jim Abrahams, Feather, Stephanie Simon, Victoria Dillard, Felicia Taylor, Midori, Sheila Johnson, Jake Steinfeld, Clint Smith, Uncle Ray Murphy, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Paulette Banoza, Patricia Matthews, Mary Bond Davis, Carla Earle, Karen Owens, Sharon Owens, Lisa Gumora, June Boykins, Janette Colon, Vanessa Colon, Monique Mannen, Mindora Mimms, Cynthia Finkley, David Sosna, Arthur Adams, Loni Kaye Harkless, Montrose Hagins, Tonja Rivers, Elaine Kagan, Michael Tadross, Steve White, Helen Hanft, Leah Aldridge, Aurorah Allain, Paula Brown, Dwayne Chattman, Stephanie Clark, Robin L. Dimension, Shaun Earl, Eric L. Ellis, Sharon Ferrol-Young, Eric D. Henderson, Gigi Hunter, Debra Johnson, Tanya Lynne Lee, Jimmy Locust, Donna M. Perkins, Dionne Rockhold, Gina Consuela Rose, Randolph Scott, Robbin Tasha-Ford, Jerald Vincent, Eyan Williams, Roy Milton Davis, Dorian DeMichele, Alison Gordy, Mary Young, Tobe Hooper

Release: 1988-06-29

Runtime: 117

Plot: An African prince decides it’s time for him to find a princess... and his mission leads him and his most loyal friend to Queens, New York. In disguise as an impoverished immigrant, the pampered prince quickly finds himself a new job, new friends, new digs, new enemies and lots of trouble.
Coming to America (1988)


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