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Hollywood Shuffle (1987)


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Title: Hollywood Shuffle (1987)

Tagline: Bobby Taylor was on his way to becoming a star, when a funny thing happened...

Genre: Comedy

Director: Robert Townsend

Cast: Robert Townsend, Craigus R. Johnson, Helen Martin, Starletta DuPois, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Anne-Marie Johnson, John Witherspoon, Lou B. Washington, Steve James, Christopher Jackson, Dom Irrera, Damon Wayans, Lisa Mende, Eugene Robert Glazer, Paul Mooney, Kim Wayans, Jimmy Woodard, Nancy Cheryll Davis, Grand L. Bush, Rusty Cundieff, Bobby McGee, Brad Sanders, Bobby Mardis, Franklyn Ajaye, Roy Fegan, David McKnight, Michael Colyar, Don Reed

Release: 1987-03-20

Runtime: 82

Plot: Aspiring actor and hot-dog stand employee Bobby Taylor catches the ire of his grandmother for auditioning for a role in the regrettably titled exploitation film "Jivetime Jimmy's Revenge." When Tinseltown Studios casts Taylor in the title role, he has a series of conflicted dreams satirizing African-American stereotypes in Hollywood, and must reconcile his career goals with his desire to remain a positive role model for his little brother.
Hollywood Shuffle (1987)