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House (1986)


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Title: House (1986)

Tagline: Ding dong, You’re dead.

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Director: Steve Miner

Cast: William Katt, George Wendt, Richard Moll, Kay Lenz, Mary Stavin, Michael Ensign, Erik Silver, Mark Silver, Susan French, Alan Autry, Steven Williams, Jim Calvert, Mindy Sterling, Jayson Kane, Billy Beck, Steve Susskind, John William Young, Dwier Brown, Joey Green, Stephen Nichols, Donald Willis, Ronn Carroll, Curt Wilmot, Ronn Wright, Peter Pitofsky, Felix Silla

Release: 1986-02-28

Runtime: 93

Plot: Roger Cobb is an author who has just separated from his wife. He moves into a new house and tries to work on a novel based on his experiences in the Vietnam War. Strange things start happening around him; little things at first, but as they become more frequent, Cobb becomes aware that the house resents his presence.
House (1986)


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