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Project X (1987)


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Title: Project X (1987)

Tagline: When the Air Force assigned Jimmy Garrett to a top secret project, he didn't know what he was in for. Neither did they.

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Director: Jonathan Kaplan

Cast: Matthew Broderick, Helen Hunt, Willie, William Sadler, Johnny Ray McGhee, Jonathan Stark, Robin Gammell, Stephen Lang, Jean Smart, Pamela Ludwig, Jules Sylvester, Sonny Carl Davis, Dick Miller, Chuck Bennett, Daniel Roebuck, Mark Harden, Duncan Wilmore, Marvin Johnson, Harry Northup, Michael Eric Kramer, Reed R. McCants, Ward Costello, Jackson Sleet, Lance August, Gil Mandelik, Stan Foster, Shelly Desai, Michael Milgrom, Catherine Paolone, John Chilton, David Raynr, Lynn Eastman-Rossi, Kim Robillard, David Stenström, Richard Cummings Jr., Randal Patrick, Bob Minor, Raymond Elmendorf, Robert Covarrubias, Robert Dino Shorte, Ken Lerner, Travis Swords, William B. Snider, Philip A. Roberson, Michael McGrady, Rob Roy Fitzgerald, Deborah Offner, Lance E. Nichols, T. Rodgers, Jackie Roth, Mady Kaplan, Chevis Cooper, Ken Sagoes, Luis A. Pérez, Sam Laws

Release: 1987-04-17

Runtime: 108

Plot: A young inductee into the military is given the task of looking after some chimpanzees used in the mysterious 'Project X'. Getting to know the chimps fairly well, he begins to suspect there is more to the secret project than he is being told.
Project X (1987)


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