The Flintstone Kids

Genre: Family,Animation

Director: Joseph Barbera,William Hanna

Cast: Scott Menville,Hamilton Camp,B.J. Ward,Mel Blanc,Frank Welker,Charlie Adler,Bumper Robinson,Julie McWhirter,Lennie Weinrib,Susan Blu,Marilyn Schreffler,Henry Corden,Kenneth Mars,Jean Vander Pyl,Michael Rye

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: Join Fred, Wilma, Dino, Barney and Betty in their formative years when they were precocious prehistoric preteens. Whether they’re riding to school on a brontosaurus’ back, skating down the street on wriggling dino boards or just rockin’ out, these kids are growing up the Bedrock way.

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Scott Menville

    • Hamilton Camp

    • B.J. Ward

    • Mel Blanc

    • Frank Welker

    • Charlie Adler

    • Bumper Robinson

    • Julie McWhirter

    • Lennie Weinrib

    • Susan Blu

    • Marilyn Schreffler

    • Henry Corden

    • Kenneth Mars

    • Jean Vander Pyl

    • Michael Rye

    • Joseph Barbera (Production)

    • William Hanna (Production)

    • THE FLINTSTONE KIDS (Opening Sequence)

      • Trailer
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