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The Star Chamber (1983)


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Title: The Star Chamber (1983)

Tagline: They meet. They judge. They execute.

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Director: Peter Hyams

Cast: Michael Douglas, Hal Holbrook, Yaphet Kotto, Sharon Gless, James B. Sikking, Joe Regalbuto, Don Calfa, John DiSanti, DeWayne Jessie, Jack Kehoe, Larry Hankin, Dick Anthony Williams, Margie Impert, Dana Gladstone, David Proval, Robin Gammell, Matthew Faison, Fred McCarren, Michael Ensign, Jason Bernard, Jerry Taft, Michael Austin, Sheldon Feldner, James Margolin, Hexin E. McPhee, Diana Douglas, Keith Buckley, Domingo Ambriz, Frances Bergen, Charlie Stavola, Robert Costanzo, Paul Brennan, Kate Zentall, George A. Cooper, Gary Rebstock, David Faustino, Jason Tomarken, George Dickerson, Eddy C. Dyer, John Garrett, Danna Hyams, Alan Oliney, Don Pulford, Ron Cummins, Jack Slate, Charles Hallahan, Fritzi Burr

Release: 1983-08-05

Runtime: 105

Plot: As violence escalates in Los Angeles and heinous murders are committed, Steven Hardin, a young judge of the California Supreme Court, must struggle with his tortured conscience and growing despair as he watches helplessly as the ruthless criminals brought before his court go free because clever lawyers find obscure loopholes in the law.
The Star Chamber (1983)