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Vamp (1986)


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Title: Vamp (1986)

Tagline: A Frightening Comedy

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Director: Richard Wenk

Cast: Chris Makepeace, Sandy Baron, Robert Rusler, Dedee Pfeiffer, Gedde Watanabe, Grace Jones, Billy Drago, Brad Logan, Lisa Lyon, Jim Boyle, Larry Spinak, Eric Welch, Stuart Rogers, Gary Swailes, Ray Ballard, Paunita Nichols, Trudel Williams, Marlon McGann, Thomas Bellin, Tanya Papanicolas, Simmy Bow, Hy Pyke, Dar Robinson, Francie Swift, Tricia Brown

Release: 1986-07-18

Runtime: 93

Plot: Two fraternity pledges go to a sleazy bar looking for strippers to entertain their college friends.
Vamp (1986)