Genre: Mystery,Animation

Director: Marc Richards

Cast: Lou Scheimer,Alan Oppenheimer,Pat Fraley,Susan Blu,Linda Gary,Erika Scheimer,Peter Cullen

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: Jake Kong Jr. and Eddie Spencer Jr. are sons of the original Ghost Busters, and they work alongside Tracy the Gorilla (who also worked with their fathers). Together, they are dedicated to ridding the world of the evil ghost wizard Prime Evil and his cast of henchmen.

Cast Crew

    • Lou Scheimer

      Tracy the Gorilla / Anabone / Skelevision / Fuddy / Fib Face / Sir Trance-A-Lot
    • Alan Oppenheimer

      Merlin / Prime Evil / Fangster / Captain Long John Scarechrome / Airhead
    • Pat Fraley

      Jake Kong, Jr. / Ghost Buggy, Jr. / Scared Stiff
    • Susan Blu

      Belfry / Futura / Jessica Wray
    • Linda Gary

      Madam Why / Mysteria / Apparitia
    • Erika Scheimer

      Corky / Skelevator / Shock Clock
    • Peter Cullen

      Eddie Spenser, Jr. / Haunter / Brat-a-Rat / Floatzart / Big Evil / Corpulon
    • Nino Carbe (Art)

    • Lou Scheimer (Production)

    • Rick Maki (Art)

    • Randy Sanchez (Visual Effects)

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