The New Adventures of Jonny Quest

Genre: Action & Adventure,Animation

Director: Joseph Barbera,William Hanna,Doug Wildey

Cast: Scott Menville,Don Messick,Rob Paulsen,Granville Van Dusen

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: The New Adventures of Jonny Quest was a 1980s continuation of Hanna-Barbera's Jonny Quest animated television series from the 1960s. Debuting in 1986 as part of The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera's 2nd season, syndication package, this new Jonny Quest series could be seen as the second season to a program that originally aired from 1964-1965 on ABC.

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Scott Menville

      Jonny Quest
    • Don Messick

      Dr. Quest / Bandit
    • Rob Paulsen

    • Granville Van Dusen

      Race Bannon
    • Joseph Barbera (Production)

    • William Hanna (Production)

    • Jonny Quest 80s (Theme Song)

      • Opening Credits
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