Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures

Genre: Animation,Comedy

Director: Ralph Bakshi

Cast: Beau Weaver,Charlie Adler,Patrick Pinney,Maggie Roswell,Dana Hill,Joe Alaskey,Michael Pataki

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures is a 1987 revival of the classic Mighty Mouse cartoon character. Produced by Bakshi-Hyde Ventures, it aired on CBS on Saturday mornings from fall 1987 through the 1988-89 season. It was briefly rerun on Saturday mornings on Fox Kids in November 1992.


    • Beau Weaver

      Fractured Narrator (voice)
    • Charlie Adler

      Bat-Bat (Bruce Vein) (voice)
    • Patrick Pinney

      Mighty Mouse (Mike Mouse) / Gandy Goose / Petey Pate (voice)
    • Maggie Roswell

      Pearl Pureheart (voice)
    • Dana Hill

      Scrappy Mouse (voice)
    • Joe Alaskey

      Sourpuss (voice)
    • Michael Pataki

      The Cow (voice)
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