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Lazer Tag Academy


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Title: Lazer Tag Academy

Genre: Family, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Animation

First aired: 1986-09-13

Creator: Ruby-Spears

Cast: Frank Welker, Pat Fraley, R.J. Williams, Billy Jayne, Tress MacNeille, Don LaFontaine, Booker Bradshaw

Overview: Lazer Tag Academy is an animated television series inspired by Worlds of Wonder's Lazer Tag that was created by Ruby-Spears Productions. The series aired on NBC from September 13 to December 6, 1986. It was later shown in reruns under the new title Lazer Patrol on the Sci Fi Channel as part of Sci Fi Cartoon Quest. At the same time, another laser tag related series, DiC's live-action Photon series aired the same year in syndication.
Lazer Tag Academy


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I was drawing a blank on this one until I saw the little cavemen henchman of the villain! The 80's were the definitely the golden age of turning just about any product or idea into a cartoon series. :D